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The It Works natural product line ranges from herbal supplements to skin care and body slimming applicators. Distributors all across the globe have caught the vision and within only 5 years of operation, the organization realized a goal that many never experience - the freedom of being a debt-free company.

Their flagship product, which is responsible for much of their success, is the Ultimate Body Applicator. Scientist & Product Development Specialist, Luis Mujares, created the product over 20 years ago in his pursuit to cure skin cancer.

During his research, he found that as skin was detoxified, it actually resulted in inch loss. These botanical ingredients were then bottled up and sold exclusively to cruise line ships and high-end spas.

In 2001, It Works Global bought out the rights and the product has since been featured on ABC, CNN, Opportunity World Magazine and at the Oscar and Emmy gift suites.

So... Does The Ultimate Applicator Really Work?

When I was first introduced to the concept that a body wrap could really help to facilitate fat loss - I rolled my eyes. But, in April of this past year, I attended an Expo in Cincinnati where I saw the It Works Marketing Team wrapping expo participants and visitors of the American Massage Therapy Association.

I saw over 100 people wrapped that day, and never have I experienced such genuine excitement from strangers-all in one place. While I don't know any of those people on a personal basis, I do know that many of those people came back from that expo with several inches missing from their waistline.

So, needless to say, I started to believe that this Body Applicator, and this company had something incredible going on..

What Makes It Works Different From Other Opportunities?

It Works offers consumable products that are vital to health and wellness. That means people will keep coming back for more. This is the difference between selling something people want vs. selling something people need.

It Works Global provides a unique, first-to-market product - the Ultimate Body Applicator. There is nothing else like it on the market.

The possibilities of the target audience are substantial. People fall into two categories: those who are healthy and those who are not. Either way - you have their attention. These products help maintain good health but also promote a positive change in lifestyle for those who are not where they want to be.

Unlike other network marketing programs, you are not limited to home parties and gatherings. You could obtain distributors and customers through advertising to salons, spas, gyms, expos and by utilizing online tools.

There is a major difference between the It Works model and that of direct sales. With networking, you build up residual income, which will work for you even when you are not working. Obviously, you'll make the most of this opportunity when you are engaged yourself, but there is also a great reward for training others and that shows up in your paycheck.

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